Record Draft Numbers

Record Draft Numbers

This Friday night at Plenty of Games, we had a record-breaking 54 players drafting Dominaria Remastered at the same time! 

This set has been highly anticipated by Magic: The Gathering fans, and it did not disappoint. Players were excited to draft with the new cards and see what awesome cards they opened and got to play with.

The energy in the store was electric as players opened their booster packs and began to build their decks. The competition was fierce, but everyone was having a great time. The friendly store staff were on hand to help with any questions and to make sure the event ran smoothly.

PoG Staff were buying cards off people who wanted to trade in their awesome pulls for cash or a bonus in store credit to spend on more drafts.

If you're a fan of Magic: The Gathering, then come down to Plenty of Games on a Friday night. You'll have the opportunity to draft with other players, build a deck, and compete in a fun and friendly atmosphere. See you at our next draft event!