Meet the Team

The Plenty of Games team is made up of a group of like-minded individuals who are all striving for the same goal:

To create the best experience possible for everyone in our community.


Trent Clarke - Loyal, passionate, determined and a huge flog. These were the most common answers when Trent Clarke asked his closest friends and family members to describe him for this blurb.

He is a small business owner of a Painting and Decorating business, but first and foremost known by most as a passionate and enthusiastic Magic the Gathering player.

He found magic whilst playing his first found passion, Warhammer 40k, and has since then enveloped himself within the Australian magic scene. Moving from Bendigo to Melbourne in 2014 to chase the dream of the Magic Pro tour and developing close ties and friendships to anyone that associated within Magic the entire time.

He achieved his goal in late 2017 qualifying for Pro tour Rivals of Ixalan and then re-securing a pro tour invite for back-to-back pro tour events at Pro tour Dominaria. since then Trent has taken somewhat of a back seat in competitive magic, choosing to instead further attune himself to the people and community involved within the game rather than the cardboard itself as well as putting a heightened focus on family, especially his dog Murphy. 


Joel 'Gibbo' Gibbons - Gibbo has been collecting and playing card games from an early age. In the early years it begun with collecting Pokémon and AFL trading cards. Discovering a love for trading card games he moved into the competitive Yu-Gi-Oh TCG scene; culminating in both regional and national tournament success.

In 2015 he found Magic: The Gathering and quickly fell in love with the game, attending weekly local events and numerous interstate events to compete. In 2020 Gibbo came agonisingly close to qualifying for a Pro Tour invitation through competition success.

In recent times Gibbo has started playing Flesh and Blood TCG and has already managed to obtain a Top 8 finish a Pro Quest tournament. Throughout the years of both playing and competing in TCG circuits Joel has had the pleasure of meeting quality people that positively impact the local scene.

In 2018 he joined a local Magic the Gathering organisation known as 'The Faction'. The Faction prides itself on fostering a healthy and inclusive Magic community; a value in which Joel wishes to be integral to Plenty of Games and its culture. 


Isaac Lee (née Egan) - Isaac is a passionate gamer and a dedicated Psychologist. He first started playing magic 25ish years ago and was immediately hooked, playing his first pre-release in 1998 – Stronghold Expansion, from there he played more and more, getting into the competitive scene in starting with Vintage and 7 Point Highlander and draft, eventually playing standard years later.

In 2007 Isaac opened his first games store – Meta Games – and loved running a games store that became a second home to so many and allowed him to meet his closest friends and favourite people.

After selling Meta Games and heading back to Uni to get his qualifications as a Psychologist Isaac discovered the only thing he loves more than hanging out in a games store is helping people in session at his Psychology practice. When the opportunity came along to be part of a community orientated new Games Store there were Plenty of reasons why it was the perfect fit.


Scott Munro - Scott immigrated from Scotland to Australia in 2006. it was at this time, he joined that Australian Army where he would go on to serve 12 years. He left the Army a few years ago and is now working in IT security.

While he enjoys playing the game of Magic, it is the buying, swapping and selling side of the game he truly loves. You may very well have seen him at various events over the years working a booth.

He and Isaac have been running the MTG auctions page Robs MTG Auctions for a while now with great success.

He is affectionately know as Bulkrare Dad amongst the team. Be sure to ask him about his sorting robot.


And last but certainly not least is you. We want everyone to feel like they are part of the Plenty of Games family because at the end of the day this isn't possible without all of you.